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Manga Reincarnated As a Racehorse

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Synopsis Reincarnated As a Racehorse

The popular jockey, Bunnami Ouma, is a natural etch man with outstanding technology. During the race one day, Bunnami loses consciousness due to an accidental fall accident. When I wake up, I’m a racehorse … sometimes naughty, sometimes hot. A masterpiece that once dominated the world on the WEB has appeared as a completely new work!人気ジョッキーの文波皇馬は、技術は抜群だが天性のエッチマン。そんなある日のレース中、不慮の転倒事故で文波は意識を失ってしまう。目覚めたら自分は競走馬となっていて……時にはエッチに、時には熱く。かつてWEBで一世を風靡した名作が完全新作として登場!
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